Chandelier Maria Theresia 268LH12




This Maria Theresia chandelier 268LH12 in the classic style is of highest quality. It has the following features:

• rack hand-manufactured, 24 carats gold-plated and paint burned in
• high-quality cloth cables
• hand-cut glass strips (no plastic!)
• high-quality Swarovski Strass rosettes
• mouth blown, hand-cut bowls and middle parts, both in lead crystal
• entire lead crystal hanging
• stable chaining with V2A high-grade steel wire
• 12 light bulbs, per bulb 40 watts
• diameter 90 cm
• height 57 cm

Our lights have per default 230 volts holders (E14). On request we like to convert your light to 110 volts holders (E12). For this please order in addition under the category “Lights accessories/Adapter” per light bulb one adapter.

Additional information

Weight 129 kg