Shipping and Charges

We ship with DPD (German parcel service).

The delivery time for our products is 3 to 5 working days. The delivery is extended for island deliveries and deliveries by air.

You can pay with prepayment, cash on delivery in certain countries or PayPal.

Cash on delivery is possible in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary. The COD charge for Germany is 7,80 Euro, for the other countries 14,90 Euro.

On consignments in Switzerland and Liechtenstein surcharge will be charged on the net freight price. The amount of the surcharge is based on the current exchange rate. The surcharge is currently 19% of the net freight price.

For the calculation of the shipping costs the measurements shipping country and package weight are used.

If a package is heavier than 31,5 kg, this will be displayed at the order transaction. Please call us on 0049-(0)9656-362 or write an email to Then we can tell you the further procedure and the shipping costs.

The following shipping costs are in Euro, inclusive VAT, diesel surcharge, toll surcharge and security fee. They do NOT include any customs and border handling fees.

No VAT will be charged for Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

The DPD shipping costs for Germany are listed below.

in kg
Shipping costs
in Euro
bis 3 kg5,40
bis 5 kg6,20
bis 10 kg
bis 15 kg7,50
bis 20 kg8,40
bis 25 kg8,60
bis 31,5 kg9,20

For the German Isles, except Rügen, Usedom and Fehmarn, an island surcharge of 15,50 Euro per shipment is charged.

And here are the shipping costs for the DPD by land:

Weight up toBelgium, Luxembourg,
Czech Republic
Great Britain,
Italy, Poland,
Slovakia, Slovenia,
Ireland, Portugal,
Estonia, Finland,
Lithuania, Norway
Iceland, Romania
2,0 kg 11,5013,00 17,0020,8025,0029,5052,70
4,0 kg 12,5014,1018,5022,5026,8031,6055,50
6,0 kg13,4015,2019,8023,9028,3033,2058,20
8,0 kg14,4016,4021,1025,3029,9035,0061,10
10,0 kg15,6017,7022,7027,0031,7037,0064,60
12,0 kg16,9019,0024,2028,6033,3038,9068,00
14,0 kg18,1020,3025,8030,4035,0040,9071,60
16,0 kg19,3021,6027,4032,2036,8042,9074,90
18,0 kg20,6022,9029,0033,8038,5044,9078,30
20,0 kg21,8024,2030,5035,6040,1046,9081,70
25,0 kg24,7027,1033,6038,8043,5050,5088,60
31,5 kg27,7030,3036,9042,3047,2054,3097,20

For the islands of Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland (special mainland surcharge) and Spain (Balearic Islands), an island surcharge of 23,20 Euro per shipment will be charged.

And here are the shipping costs for those of DPD by air:

Weight up toAndorra, San MarinoCanary Islands,
the cities of Ceuta and Melilla,
Faroe Islands, Gibraltar
Cyprus, Malta
0,5 kg93,0099,50102,80
1,0 kg99,70112,10119,80
1,5 kg110,30123,30132,50
2,0 kg120,90135,10145,10
3,0 kg152,90162,30168,90
4,0 kg174,80181,90193,00
5,0 kg196,70205,20218,20
6,0 kg211,20219,30235,30
7,0 kg225,60236,10252,60
8,0 kg240,10253,00270,10
9,0 kg254,60269,90287,60
10,0 kg270,20287,50306,20
11,0 kg278,70296,10316,50
12,0 kg287,30304,80327,00
13,0 kg296,90313,40337,60
14,0 kg304,50322,20348,30
15,0 kg313,30331,00359,20
16,0 kg322,10339,80370,10
17,0 kg331,00348,60381,30
18,0 kg340,00357,50392,40
19,0 kg349,00366,40403,70
20,0 kg358,10375,40415,10
21,0 kg366,60388,50425,90
22,0 kg375,20401,70436,90
23,0 kg383,90415,00447,90
24,0 kg392,60428,20462,10
25,0 kg401,40441,50473,40
26,0 kg410,30455,00484,80
27,0 kg419,20468,40436,30
28,0 kg428,20481,90507,90
29,0 kg437,20495,60519,60
30,0 kg446,30509,20531,60
31,5 kg459,10522,40547,80