Questions and Answers

How often and how must a chandelier be cleaned?

In normal, not too dusty surroundings, the chandelier should be cleaned approx. once or twice a year.

To clean it you should use:
– A bucket with lukewarm water; please, add washing-up liquid and spirit, or vinegar.
– A Vileda window cloth, or a cleaning cloth which doesn’t pill, or a chamois.
Please, take into account:
– Clean the candelier only in the turned off condition! Don’t let any water reach into the electrical parts!
– Under no circumstances take off the decorations!
– Give enough spirit or vinegar directly onto the cleaning cloth.
– Clean first the rack, then the decorations and light bulbs. The union parts are so stable that one can pull even easily on them when cleaning..
– No after polish of the decorations is necessary.
– With Maria Theresia chandeliers take off the bowls and clean them separately in water.
– This way of cleaning is the best, most gentle and most effective. We also practice it in our stores.

Another method is the cleaning with chandelier spray SPARKLE PLENTY ( 500 ml, Euro 14.90, available in our shop in the category “Lights accessories”; please follow the instructions on the back of the bottle):
– Lay out under the chandelier newspapers or a blanket (to let drip the dirt).
– Simply spray the chandelier (not into the electrical equipment).
– Let dirty liquid drip off.
– With Maria Theresia chandeliers take off the bowls and clean them separately in water.
– Ready, no polishing afterwards.

Are your packets insured against break?

Yes, the insurance is included in the price.

Does one also get spare parts, such as decorations, union parts and light parts (bowls and middle sections of lead crystal)?

Yes, we have all common spare parts on stores.

Can you also restore chandeliers?

Yes, for this the following procedure is desirable: To be able to present a quotation to you before, we need photos of the crystal light from three different viewpoints: of above, of below and of the side. Please send us then these photos by mail or email with your detailed change wishes. After this you receive an offer from us. At promise of the same please send us your chandelier packed well to us. After this it is restored professionally by us. Before we return the crystal light to you again, the agreed amount must be credited on our account.

How do I care for my magnetic jewelry?

Put your magnetic jewelry in a glass bowl with fingernail-size mountain crystal drum stones overnight (you can order a sufficient quantity for Euro 2.90 in addition to your magnetic jewelry). These withdraw the negative radiates from your magnetic chain and, simultaneously, give new energy again.

How long should the magnetic jewelry be carried daily?

The magnetic jewelry should be carried up to 12 hours daily directly on the skin. Please take it off during shower or bath and at night for loading.

Attention: Persons with cardiac pacemakers or similar pieces of equipment, mustn’t carry this magnetic jewelry!!